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Wallis Engineering Seriously Civil About Drinking Water Calendar 2011 December 2010

Description: We were brought in to help with Wallis Engineering's annual calendar. It is used as an public awareness piece as well as a marketing device for the civil engineering firm. This year's theme was drinking water. Illustrations were rendered by Susan Andreson.

Wallis Engineering "Seriously Civil About Drinking Water 2011 Calendar"

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Portland Folk Festival August 2010

Description: It was an honor to design flyers, handbills, posters, banners, badges, business cards, and more for the inaugural Portland Folk Festival. The four day event was held in 20 venues with over 60 acts. Posters we're created to promote the event as well as individual shows in the various clubs around the city. Great care was taken to give all of the event a cohesive and immediately recognizable look. With great coordination with event planners, we were able to bust out all this stuff in time for the festival. It was a resounding success and were glad we could help make that happen.

Portland Folk Festival posters, postcards, badges, eFlyer, handbills, banner

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Future Historians if you slip into the fog February 2010

Description: King of Hearts Records artist, Future Historians are a Portland, OR are a fine indie pop act and this is their latest effort presented on a 4-panel digipak. We used an old image of a ship in the fog taken from historical archives. Elegant scripts intermingle with san serif type to reflect the band's old-timey sensibilities presented in a contemporary way.

Future Historians "if you slip into the fog" album artwork

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Vagabond Opera The Zeitgeist Beckons gov my viagra viagra viagraApril 2009

Description: We had the great honor to work with Northwest regional gypsy-music favorites Vagabond Opera. Also, this project afforded us the opportunity to collaborate with top Portland photographer, Alicia J. Rose who also served as the art director. The finished piece entails a 4-panel digipak with a convex die-cut pocket containing a 20-page staple-fold booklet. We tried many different versions of the logos on the cover. It was really fun yet challenging to work within the detailed rigors of the art nouveau style. The booklet was set up as an opera in 5 acts. For each act we set up a spread with a photo depicting an aspect of that part of the story as well as text. The cover of the digipak is 5-color employing the brassy metallic PMS 874 giving it the worn elegance we were shooting for.

Vagabond Opera "The Zeitgeist Beckons"

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Hypatia Lake Angels and Demons, Space and Time June 2008

Description: Hypatia Lake is a conceptual rock band that hails from Seattle. We put together a stunning package utilizing an o-card that wraps around the jewel case. Metallic Pantone 871 and black was used to make a very cohesive and somewhat unconventional package. The band name and album title only appears on the spines of both the jewel-case and the o-card leaving the covers open to a fine drawing by Zac Gray. The front and back cover colors on the o-card were inverted on the jewel case. A matte gloss varnish was applied to the disc to achieve both the positive and negative versions of the cover image on the disc.

Hypatia Lake "Angels and Demons, Space and Time"

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Description: Website for Portland Brazilian acoustic duo, Rio Con Brio. The group needed a website to help them establish a more professional image that matched the high quality of their musicianship. Site was designed using Dreamweaver, Wordpress, XHTML and CSS. The site was also designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. The page has already garnered Rio Con Brio some new opportunities and contacts. All photography was by Daniel Stark. website screen captures

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Michael Hoppé & Mitsuki Dazai May 2010

Femoroacetabular impingement (fai) and bilateral sports hernia surgery. The video alludes to the importance of recognizing individual limitations and teaching the athlete how to move within his or her own confines. Working with this athlete also highlights the importance of understanding these so-called abnormalities. buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra cheap viagra online cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online cheap viagra When he first came to endeavor, light jogging wasn’t even an option. In other words, his range of motion was so poor, damage so significant, and overall comfort level with athletic movements so degraded that we really had to start slow. A few months later, he’s sprinting, cutting, and jumping explosively and without pain; he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s never felt better. My ability to effectively work with athletes like this stems directly from the amount of time i’ve spent studying the relevant research. I think this information is valuable for anyone that trains anyone, but if you work with hockey players, it’s absolutely essential. The amount of research in this area has exploded over the last decade; understanding the causes and implications of fai will help you more effectively train players that present with these injuries (which is most) and help to prevent unnecessary complications. Illustrating “normal” hip joint anatomy and fai abnormalities below is a brief review of some of the current literature: high prevalence of pelvic and hip magnetic resonance imaging findings in asymptomatic collegiate and professional hockey players mri findings from 21 professional and 18 ncaa d1 players; all were asymptomatic 14 (39%) dysfunction of adductor-rectus abdominis insertions 25 (64%) hip pathologic changes 30 (77%) have mri finding of hip or groin pathologic abnormalities the prevalence of cam-type femoroacetabular deformity in asymptomatic adults retrospective analysis of ct scans from 419 randomly selected patients from 2004-2009 that were taken for problems unrelated to the hip of the 215â male hips (108â patients) analyzed, a total of 30 hips (13. 95%) were defined as pathological, 32 (14. 88%) as borderline and 153 (71. 16%) as normal. Of the 540â female hips (272 patients) analyzed, 30 hips (5. 56%) defined as pathological, 33 (6. 11%) as borderline and 477â (88. 33%) as normal. This hi. Description: Michael Hoppé is a piano player and Mitsuki Dazai plays the Koto. This album is a beautiful meshing of these instruments and talented musicians. The package is a 4-panel sleeve with two crescent pockets (1 for the disc and 1 for a 4-panel booklet insert). Subtle textures and photo compositing were greatly used to achieve a cohesive look.

Michael Hoppé and Mitsuki Dazai "Far Away" album packaging

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LutzCo Carhartt Spring eBlast April 2010

Description: This is an eBlast designed for LutzCo who is an authorized Carhartt dealer in Portland, OR. The ad is designed to sell Carhartt products to purchasing directors, safety managers, and other professionals looking for quality work wear.

LutzCo "Carhartt Spring eBlast"

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Barrett Martin & The Wayward Shamans Alchemy February 2008

Description: This was a CD packaging make-over for the former Screaming Trees drummer, Barrett Martin. The project melded musicians and rhythms from around the globe. Hence, the title Alchemy. The record was previously released with other artwork. The client felt it could be better and we accomplished that goal. The exquisite fine artwork was provided by Alexandra Eldridge.

Barrett Martin & The Wayward Shamans Alchemy

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Various Logotypes

Description: The Schills are a garage rock band from Portland, OR. From Hudson With Love is a business that sells bridal accessories. GraphixSports is a printing company that specializes in collegiate athletics. HaleLupe is a Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter. Better Forever is a nutritional health company. JKC is a logo for Jeanne Kennedy Crosby D.C., an applied kinesiology chiropractic doctor.

Various logo designs created by Ganyoon Graphics

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Nate Hensley The Wraith January 2009

Description: In this project, we were given just a few photos and some text. The client wanted to have a dark feel. Tracing paper was used to render a rough charcoal drawing that was super-imposed over the original digital photograph. Please take a moment and view the raw materials that were used to put this package together.

Nate Hensley "The Wraith"

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Cathedral Park Place Exhibition June 2008

Description: We were enlisted to design post cards for an art exhibition featuring artists who had studio space in Cathedral Park Place. This included acclaimed poster artist, Gary Houston. We were just given a few digital snap-shots of the gallery space. The use of letterspacing, color, and uniformly light-weighted Avante Garde type gave this piece an open and airy feel. Much like the space where the art was on display.

Cathedral Park Place Exhibition postcard (front and back)

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